Brick Pointing

At R Luis Contracting, we provide a wide range of home renovations and contracting services, including brick pointing. Brick pointing, sometimes known as tuckpointing, is the process of repairing or restoring the mortar joints in brickwork. Over time, mortar joints can become damaged or degraded, allowing water and air to penetrate into your property, which can lead to further damage, dampen the overall appearance of the brickwork, and also increase your utility bills.

Brick Pointing Process
The process of brick pointing involves removing the damaged or degraded mortar from the joints and replacing it with new mortar that is carefully matched to the existing mortar in color and texture. This process requires skill and precision to ensure that the new mortar is applied in a uniform manner and that the final product has a seamless appearance.

At R Luis, we strive to complete each and every project on time and within budget, through a careful and thorough contracting process. We can help homeowners to see their project through from start to finish and take into account a number of important factors when it comes to brickwork for your home renovations projects, including:

  • Assessment: We make sure to conduct a careful and thorough assessment of the brickwork to determine the extent of the damage and the overall needs of your brick pointing project.
  • Technique: At R Luis, our experienced team has the knowledge and understanding of a number of different brick pointing techniques, depending on the specific needs of your project.
  • Mortar: A vital aspect of any brick pointing project or brickwork in general, we make sure to choose a mortar that is carefully matched to the existing mortar in color and texture.
  • Building Codes: With each and every project, we ensure that all brickwork is installed in accordance with local building codes and regulations. Saving you possible fines and construction delays.

It’s also important to regularly inspect any brickwork and brick pointing to ensure that it is functioning properly and to identify any areas that may require maintenance or repair over time. For more information on brick pointing and other services, or to get your project assessment, be sure to contact R Luis Contracting today.

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